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Coin Laundry in Marietta

Address: 1869 Cobb Pkwy SE #250, Marietta, GA 30060

Whether your washer and dryer at home is not working or you have decided not to invest in one, Coin Laundry is your destination for laundry services in Marietta. Our facilities include high-quality, large capacity washers and dryers that are easy to use. If you have been searching the web for “coin laundry near me,” then you are at the right place. Our coin laundry in Marietta is proud to serve all residents with self-service machines, laundry services, and professional dry cleaning. Don’t leave that pile of laundry to smell up the house. Come by Coin Laundry and take care of that laundry at the trusted laundromat in Marietta.

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We Value Cleanliness and Comfort

If you are looking around the web for “laundromat near me,” then don’t settle for the first option you see. Choose the coin laundry in Marietta that values cleanliness, safety, and comfort. At Coin Laundry, we strive to create an atmosphere that makes you feel safe. Our laundromat in Marietta is protected with video surveillance and our representatives and attendants are friendly and helpful. Don’t settle for a torn-down laundromat. Come to Coin Laundry to take care of your laundry with a peace of mind. We are always ready to greet you with a smile.

Enjoy Our Wash and Fold Laundry Services

Sometimes our schedules can get busy as the laundry continues to pile up. If you have more important chores, errands, and work to do, then save your time on those by dropping off your laundry for laundry services at Coin Laundry. Our friendly and trusted employees can wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you to pick up when your schedule allows. This is a great opportunity for college students who are better off spending time on their studies, dual-working parents, or employers with large batches of uniforms and linens to clean. Give Coin Laundry a call now to schedule your appointment and come drop off your laundry for laundry services.

Professional Dry Cleaning Available

Delicate fabrics, expensive suits, and certain home goods are too valuable or sensitive to be washed normally. For these, we recommend professional dry cleaning at our laundromat in Marietta. Your silk, satin, wool, and other gentle material are in good hands at Coin Laundry in Marietta. Our specialized equipment and trained staff can gently remove stains, spills, and residue without compromising the integrity of the material. Come drop off your non-machine washable delicate fabrics at Coin Laundry and pick them up when they are complete. Our friendly staff are ready to help.

Looking for A Coin Laundry Near Me?

When you need reliable laundry services in Marietta, don’t waste time searching the web for “coin laundry near me” when Coin Laundry is at your service. College students, busy employees, and employers with uniforms to clean are in luck as our services are sure to save your valuable time. Bring your laundry for self-service or drop them off for our wash and fold laundry service. Your delicate fabrics are also in good hands when you come to Coin Laundry. We look forward to helping.

Coin Laundry

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